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Motorcycle Moving System

All new Universal Tow a Bike System for 2015.

For faired and unfaired bikes and scooters. Check out Youtube video by clicking on this link


£305 plus £35 P&P

Straps not included




Handy bike or trike carrier. Simply to store and

 carry in the boot of your car for those urgent

 collection or recovery job

 price £295+£35 P&P

More info on " Items for sale " page, click on menu bar above.


Please note, Tow-a-bike systems are not suitable for swan neck tow bars or faired bikes

 Click on link below for You tube video 



Click on video link http://youtu.be/X2TD5M_O9-o   for Tow a Bike info


Phone or email with questions not covered on this site.

Small print

Please make sure your bike or trike is towable before purchase, check with your dealership. I can not be held responsable for damage caused to your machine. If not sure ask!!!

Return postage paid by buyer.














2015's Restoration Site for 1960 Honda's






I am based in Lincolnshire but distance is no problem. I can collect and deliver anywhere in the UK by a top courier, so thank you for logging on to my site. I hope you find something of interest in the following pages.

My aim is to restore 1960s Honda's to keep them from the scrap heap and the breakers

I will restore anything with a Honda badge and pre 1970 manufacture, so if you have the bike I have the time.

I will take on any stage of job, part or full restoration. The painters and chromers I use must be some of the best in the country, look at my Gallery.

As you may guess from my Gallery I do tend to favor CB92s.  My first Honda was a CB92 in 1965.  If you have any info that you think might be of interest please let me have it stamfordclassics@aol.com A very good CB92 site is www.vintage-honda.com run by a chap who knows all there is to know about CB92s, look him up his name is Ray.  I often have to pick his brains and he is very helpful                                     

If you would like to make contact with me on any such topics, mostly 1960s Honda's as they are my interest, I would like to hear from you

Thanks for logging on to Stamford-Classic-Bikes.com and do come back again.

Best regards Bill.

Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning now on site!

mobile Number!    07802 379 117


CB92R Replica

Here are the boys taking a timeout from intruder control!

(The chap on the right in this picture above is Bruno. He's gone now to the big dog kennel in the sky, but I found a close replacement for him called Tyson so Sam still has a helper)

Check out the big guy!

Tyson left  RIP                                         Sam right RIP



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